Sony Amber Dhara

Amber Dhara: On a stormy night, the sky crackles with thunder, electricity and impending revelations, as a young mother lies in a deep state of anaesthetized sleep, unaware of the critical surgery she is undergoing in the operation theatre. The doctors go about the surgery with rehearsed calm, delving into the mystery that lies within the mother's womb, as tension hangs in the air ominously. As the doctor delivers the babies, he exchanges incredulous and almost horrified glances with his team, exclaiming that he has never seen babies like these ever before!

The birth of these conjoined twin babies triggers off a bitter-sweet tale of survival, ambitions, music and unconditional love. Amber (sky) and Dhara (earth), two sisters joined at the hip, share a liver between them. Abandoned by their father, Amber and Dhara are brought up by their mother, Lata and their grandfather, Mahendra Pratap Singh in the idyllic hilly town of Panchgani. Right from the beginning, life is not easy for the girls people stare at them jeer at their deformity treat them like freaks, however, Lata is determined to nurture her girls into independent and successful women. She struggles with the school system to get her children admission in a school for normal children she inculcates in them strong values, compassion and brightness in spite of their condition she discovers and encourages extraordinary gifts and talents the girls are born with. Having instilled a strong sense of confidence in her daughters, she is overwhelmed with their dreams and ambitions to achieve the best in their lives.