Starone Dil Mil Gaye

Dill Mill Gaye: Dill Mill Gayye is a show aimed at the urban educated youth. Set in the backdrop of a hospital it deals with the pressures, the drama, the romance, the inter personal relationships and humour in the lives of young doctors. Keeping the environment of a hospital in mind, the characters of the show are real, their issues are believable and the approach is dramatic, but never unreal, albeit emotional and fun filled.

Hence, our protagonist Riddhima is a 21-year-old intern with dreams and aspirations of becoming a top class doctor. Like any other youngster of today, she has spunk and the spirit to have fun. What sets her apart is her ability to ride through the roughest storms relying on the honesty and integrity, which has been a part of her upbringing. Riddhimma has all the ingredients of being a competent yet compassionate doctor and her faith never falters when following the right path be it a complex medical case or a real life situation.

Also, alongside Riddhima we have some other young characters, representing the wide and varied lifestyles in India. The spitfire, focused and at times selfish Anjali, the rich, charming and laid-back lover boy Armaan, the anxious to please very Gujrati and a middle class girl Sapna and the always sweet appealing to all girls is Atul. These 4 along with Riddhima will take us through the various ups- and downs of todays focused yet fun filled youth.


DHEERAJ said...

i luv this programe i am obssesed with ridz and armaan.
isn't raddhima cute. ridz is the cute girl . sometimes i just see dill mill gaye to look at ridz n when he cries i cry too i just love her.dill mill gayye is an amazing show........i would request u to make it five days a week......well i love u r show its mindblowing n osome u guys r great i m also an intern so i m more interested.well i am a basketball player too and i am very much impressed with ur baketball, ridhzi u r the best and armaan u r the rockstar of the show. and stop
crying because i dont like people crying. especially those who i like the most n u r to gud and funny u r to stylish ur show rocks rids u r very nice and beautiful. i watch ur show regularly u both rock when u r together.I like the show most.I watch this serial every time when starone shows it.......AT the morning , at noon time, at evening on 8:30pm & 11:00pm....... n also on , n i think is also d easiest method 4 watchng dis serial on net.Armaan & Ridima I like You & I am the CRAZIEST FAN of urs.Armaan I think Ridihma is best for You too marry in real life.